Why do people claim to have horse experience when they were only 5 years old or less?

One thing that pisses me off is when people say they have been around horses their entire lives but in reality the first 10 years don't count because some adult took care of the horse and they just stayed on their backs. Yep, seen a 16 year old claim they have years and years of experience being a trainer.............yeah, right. I use to put my 10 year old daughter on ponies to break them but I don't call her a trainer at the age of 10, more like a stunt rider because she also got bucked off a few times too. She was just small enough to be able to ride them most of the time and a strong enough rider to do some minor corrections should the pony throw a fit about being ridden.

That same 16 year old I mentioned was also advertising herself on Facebook to get some horse training clients lined up. Once someone asked if she had liability insurance she stated that her mother's homeowners insurance would cover that. Gawd, she is stupid. No, homeowners insurance does not cover business activities like training horses.

That brings me to unqualified horse trainers....... I have enough rants and gossip about that subject to fill 3 blogs.

Enough for today. I got to go and play with my own horse.

My first post and why I started this blog

As the title of the blog boldly states, this is all about horses. It also is about the damnest things I see other people do with their horses, meaning stuff they should not be doing.

I started this blog because I simply needed somewhere to sound off about the idiots that I have seen, known or heard about that should NOT be owning or be anywhere near horses. Not only for the horses' sake but for their own safety.

I have owned horses for close to 30 years now.....as an adult.

I plan on writing about all the things that piss me off in the horse world.....and there are plenty. From over priced boarding stables to backyard breeders. Yep got lots of stuff to cover.